5 PlayStation 4 games that gives you long gameplay hours

 Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world action role-playing game providing fantastic gameplay hours . The plot revolves around Aloy, a hunter and archer living in the world overrun by robots.

Gameplay hours  Main story – 21 hours , main+extra – 41 hours , completionist- 57 hours, All styles – 47 hours

horizon zero dawn

 Fifa 17

Fifa 17 is a sports  video game in the fifa series developed and published by Electronic Arts. Buy Fifa 17 and immerse yourself in an authentic soccer experience .


Watch Dogs 2

Watch dogs 2 is an action adventure video game . Use hacking as a weapon in the massive open world of watch dogs 2

Gameplay hours main story – 18 hrs , main+extra – 30 hrs , completionist- 42 hrs , All styles- 28 hours


Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 is an action adventure video game developed by rockstar games. GTA 5 is the largest and most ambitious title in the series to date

Gameplay hours main story- 30.5 hrs , main+extra- 46 hrs , completionist 77.5 hrs , all styles- 43 hours

gta 5

The witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The witcher 3: wild hunt is an action role playing video game developed by CD projekt  with amazing open world experience

Gameplay hours main story- 46.5 hrs , main+extra- 100 hrs , completionist-167 hrs, all styles- 100 hrs

3 w.jpg


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